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We not only follow the trends of the world musical culture, but also select exclusive songs and melodies for body and soul that you can listen to online. We often come across the concept of a record label. This is all really. We must be aware that we have a direct relationship to music, more precisely, to its development. So: the record label Mojoheadz Records is a company of its kind, which is engaged in the production, distribution and promotion of label products. Solving issues of advertising, sound recording, and of course the final sale of audio / notes.

Why artists, especially young ones, strive to sign a contract with a label is not at all difficult to explain. In this corporation, there are special departments that perform certain tasks, this is a kind of machine that promotes the performer. A producer signed to a Mojoheadz records reddit has great chances to become, as they call it, a star. However, I want to say often it is in such record labels that famous performers are often born.

Justin Bieber's favorite home in Los Angeles

Journalists of the BBC Radio 1 music radio asked to visit the popular American musician Justin Bieber at his home in Los Angeles. Justin conducted a tour of his favorite courtyard, and showed how he spends his free time from filming and touring at home.

And yet jellyfish have ears

On the edge of the “bell” of the jellyfish there are primitive eyes and balance organs - auditory cones the size of a pinhead. These are the "ears" of jellyfish. However, they “hear” not just sound vibrations available to our ear, but infrasounds with a frequency of 8 - 13 hertz. Before the storm, an increasing wind breaks the crests of the waves and swallows them. Each such slamming of water on the crest of the wave generates an acoustic shock, infrasonic vibrations are created, and the jellyfish picks them up with its dome. The jellyfish bell enhances the infrasonic vibrations (like a shout) and transfers it to the “auditory cones”.

Who was the first disc jockey?

The feeling of direct proximity to music. Therefore, the radio managed to capture the attention of billions of listeners, because it creates an atmosphere that evokes a sense of community. Thanks to the unique electronic music, the DJ has gained immense popularity and fame. Of course, he has all the rights to people, and they considered that radio would become an obstacle to the sale of their products. Soon, the influence of the DJ became so strong that American musicians could not get enough, and began to demand strikes that lasted about a year. It is believed that the radio began to function seriously in 1922.


# 1 in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Such popularity in Sweden was enjoyed only by the debut album ABBA.

Daft punk

Not so long ago, the company announced the release of a new collection of limited bears dedicated to the releases of Daft Punk's new studio album "Alive", which we already wrote about.

Watches for DJs

Now there are a lot of accessories and clothes with a trendy club theme, but this solution will surprise many fans of turntables and vinyl.


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